Samsung Gear S2 review blog: Living with a Tizen smartwatch

A disclaimer before I start. I’ve been using smartwatches for sometime now, I had the first Kickstarter Pebble Watch, and currently wear the Pebble Round on my hand, except the days when I forget. (And there are quite a few of those).

I like smartwatches since wearing one means I don’t have to constantly look at my phone or reply to every ping, alert, etc instantly. My Pebble Round doesn’t give me this ability yet, and I’m truly grateful for that.

But smarter wearables with more features are where smart computing is headed, or so we are told. Personal devices on our wrists, some worn as a pendants, with the ability to track our heartbeat while giving notifications on where and when our next meeting takes place. Smartwatches are, of course the biggest and best examples of these wearables, with players like Samsung, LG, Moto, Huawei, and Apple all launching their own.

At CES 2016, while smartwatches and fitness trackers occupied an important space, one could see that more than revolutionary new features or improvements, design had become the central focus. Swarovski crystals studded on the outer rims, better colour options (read Apple’s Watch’s Rose Gold) and slimmer designs are what we saw at the tech show.

Samsung Gear S2 is the new smartwatch from the Korean company and goes for a round-design, instead of the earlier Gear S launched before that. The Tizen-OS based smartwatch can be synced with any Android device, and it’s recently been introduced in India at Rs 24,300, while the Gear S2 Classic costs Rs 25,800.

It’s got a rotatable bezel, a home and back button and a touchscreen where you can tap to get access to some apps, notifications. I’ll be reviewing this watch for the next week to see whether the round Gear S2 can really add something meaning to my life. I’m using the watch in sync with a Galaxy Note 5, although this one works with other Android devices as well.


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