Sanatan Dharam Sabha ignores Hindu organizations in religious functions: Shri Ram Sena

Shri Ram Sena, Jammu and Kashmir has castigated Shri Sanatan Dharam Sabha Jammu for ignoring Hindu organizations on the occasions of celebrating religious functions.

Addressing a press conference at party headquarters here today, Shri Ram Sena state president Rajiv Mahajan said that Sanatan Dharam Sabha prefers political party leaders to the religious organizations heads to participate in Hindus’ religious festivals which are not the preferred choice among the Hindu cult.

Mahajan added that inviting political leaders and ignoring Hindu religious leaders in Hindus’ functions is not justified.

Mahajan said that the Dussehra festival organized by Sabha on Tuesday, where Sabha invited no leader from Hindu organizations instead a number of political parties’ leaders were invited.

Mahajan said while the most revered and senior persons are holding the rank and file of Sanatan Dharam Sabha, then why such shortcomings are prevailing in Sanatan Dharam Sabha functioning.

Mahajan warned the Sabha office bearers to desist from political parties’ appeasing policy. He said no such misdeed would be tolerated in future.

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