Sangram Sena concern over barbaric treatment of Nursing homes

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Jammu Tawi, December 20
Sangram Sena today organised a meeting under the chairmanship of its President, Ram Rattan Raina wherein the main agenda in the meeting was about the present barbaric treatment of Nursing Homes in Jammu, who squeeze money from poor masses on one or the other pretext not needed or required under Medical requirements, which is quite inhuman and injustice to the poor masses.
During meeting, the executive body members were present, besides presidents of various units of Sangram Sena of Jammu Province. While addressing the meeting, Ram Rattan Raina, said that the Health/Medical Department are quite ignor4ant the utmost the degraded procedure adopted by the Nursing Homes functioning in Jammu. He said it is quite unfortunate that Health/Medical Education Minister, J&K never initiate appropriate steps to control the menace of illegal and unlawful extortion of money from the patients and amok the same is not being checked ,instead the Nursing homes are sot free to adopt their unwarented means and methods to extract money from poor while treating the patients, During his address he cited an example that a reading Nursing home in order to extract money the dead body is put on ventilator and heavily charged.

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