Sanitary ware stolen from Bhaderwah Hospital

Sanitary fittings of washrooms in New Sub District Hospital, Bhaderwah are missing causing a lot of inconvenience to visitors. Employees of the hospital said the fittings were stolen.
The Employees said wash basins were intact, but taps and pipes were missing. Of the three wash basins in a washroom at the centre has only one tap.
Even pipes of wash basins have been stolen.
The washroom fittings, made of steel, fetch a good price in market on being resold.
The staff of the hospital said it was hard to keep an eye on every person, who used the washroom. “Employees cannot follow everybody into washrooms. Such thefts cause trouble for the hos- pital management and the visitors,” said a staff member.
A visitor said, “A person cannot even wash his hands. Sanitary fittings must be installed so that people can use the facility.”Old Hospital, Bhaderwah too are facing t he problem of theft of sanitary fittings. Apart from theft of sanitary items, instances of stealing other items from public institutions, especially hospitals are not uncommon in Bhaderwah. When contacted BMO Bhaderwah Dr Yudvir Singh Kotwal he confirmed theft of Sanitary fitting in new hospital and informed he is investigating the matter and after that will lodge Police complaint.

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