Say no to capital punishment

Dear Editor,

The chief aim of awarding punishment is not only to penalize a criminal, but to convey a message to the society that if anyone commits the similar offence in future, this example would be deterrent for others. This would ensure that nobody would dare to commit the same offence. But giving capital punishment is not the ultimate option; rather criminals can be changed by giving them a chance to change.

The death sentence as a form of punishment lacks moral philosophical and pragmatic grounds. Once Gandhiji said “Cannot agree to anyone being hanged till death”. God grants life to human beings and it is not human to take away the life of a person due to whatever reasons. If man cannot grant life, he has no right to snatch it also.

Capital punishment is not an answer. The main thing is to change the mindset of the criminals. When dacoit Ratnakar can become Valmiki, great scholar of ancient time and dacoit Angulimal can be changed into great saint by Gautam Budha. Why not today’s criminals?. The living example is kiran bedi who inspired many criminals to come into the mainstream of the society.


 Ankush Gupta

Janipur, Jammu

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