School building not constructed even after 90 years in Kashmir; administration and political leaders failing us.

In today’s times, life is impossible and meaningless without education.  Education is one of the primary and basic needs of life. According to Article 21-A of the Constitution of India Right to Education is our fundamental right.

But in reality, if we talk about the education system in Jammu and Kashmir it’s on edge. You will be shocked to know that in Kokernag area of Kashmir, it’s been around 90 years that building of the high school has not been constructed, students are given classes in a private building wherein in one room around 4-5 classes are taken. It’s not just in Kokernag, same case is in Sopore also, middle school building needs to be renovated but still no progress in construction work.

On the other hand, in Budgam it’s been around 15 years that school buildings have been constructed and millions of rupees have been invested but till date buildings are not operational. People of the area have occupied those buildings for cow shed and some are using them as a store. A place which was supposed to be a learning center has been turned into a cow shed, who is responsible for this?

In Handwara also people gave their own land to the administration for the construction of school building, but work is halted in between.

Political leaders just for the sake of vote banks have constructed schools where there is no need and where it is required no school buildings are there.

Now definitely, you can imagine how devastating the education system in Jammu and Kashmir is.

In past decades many political parties have come into power and gone but the education system is at the worst. One who is suffering is children of people who cannot afford the high fees of private schooling.

Our constitution grants education for all but in reality, education for people of Jammu and Kashmir belonging to low socio-economic conditions is a far-fetched dream. It’s high time that to change the system, government should propose compulsion on the Bureaucrats, Ministers, Leaders, and other officials to send their children to government schools so that they can transform the devastating state of our education system that they’ve failed to do so far. This is the only practical way by which we can see a drastic improvement in the educational sector.