School bus falls into drain near Amritsar: Toll rises to eight, several injured

On a road in Delhi this morning, a man stopped his bike, attacked a young woman and kept stabbing her till she stopped moving. The indifference that has shamed Delhi several times is on display in CCTV footage, which reveals that at least a dozen people did nothing to help 21-year-old Karuna.

The alleged killer, Surender Singh, has been arrested.

Karuna, a teacher, was stabbed some 30 times on a busy road in Burari in north Delhi.

Her family had complained to the police about five months ago that she was being harassed and stalked by Singh, a 34-year-old neighbor in the middle of a divorce.

CCTV visuals show the attacker stabbing the woman repeatedly as she thrashed about helplessly. Some glanced and kept walking, others watched in horror but failed to react. Two persons were seen moving towards the woman but backing off.

The woman soon stopped moving but the attacker didn’t. He went at the prone body a few more times with his knife. Then he was seen picking up a stone and bashing it against her head. He finally gave the body a hard kick before walking to his bike, unchallenged and apparently unconcerned about being caught.

It is not clear why, despite a complaint from Karuna’s family, the police did not take any action against Surender earlier this year. The police claim the two families had “reached a compromise”.

“The man had been harassing my sister for a long time. He stays in Rohini. We had filed a complaint, after which he had calmed down…until now,” said Karuna’s brother.

This is the second instance in 24 hours of a woman being killed in full public view in Delhi, with no help.

On Monday, a 32-year-old married woman was stabbed to death allegedly by her lover, who then committed suicide in southwest Delhi’s Inderpuri area.

The police said the attacker slit his wrist before stabbing the woman, a mother of two. He also died. Neighbours watched but did not step in, according to the police.

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