SCIR-IICT celebrates National Technology Day

The CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) celebrated the National Technology Day by organising lectures by eminent scientists. Dr AV Rama Ro, CMD of AVRA Labs and former director of CSIR-IICT sponsored the AV Rama Rao Technology Award and the AV Rama Rao Young Scientist Award.

The chief guest Prof V M Katoch, NASI-ICMR, Chair at the Rajasthan University of Health Sciences, delivered the A V Rama Rao Technology Award Lecture on ‘Search for Opportunities in Epigenetics and Epigenomics for Prevention and Treatment’.

Dr Sujit K Ghosh, Associate Professor, IISER, Pune, was conferred the A V Rama Rao Young Scientist award. He delivered the award lecture on ’Metal-Organic Frameworks for Sensors, Separations and Other Functions’.

On this occasion, an MoU was signed between CSIR-IICT and M/s Maitri Auquatech Pvt Ltd, for jointly working in atmospheric water generators (AWGs). Former Secretary, Department of Health Research and Director-General of ICMR Prof Katoch stated that epigenetic changes happen in a regular/natural fashion, but there is influence of several factors, including age, environment/lifestyle and food habits that develops the disease.

He discussed several diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and wound healing and neurodegenerative ailments like Alzheimer’s wherein many aspects of epigenetic changes controlled by DNA are altered within the cell leading to the development of disease. To reverse these epigenetic changes, thoughtful consumption of food containing bioactive compounds should be advised.

According to Prof Katoch, a big gap still exists between clinical applications and drug development. He emphasised that knowledge of epigenomics to epigenetics with proper population base would be best strategy to discern the mechanisms and develop efficacious drugs.

Dr S Chandrasekhar, Director, CSIR-IICT, spoke about extensive contribution of IICT in developing technologies in HIV and some cancer varieties.

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