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Where-as; Congress hosted a meeting this morning of opposition
parties to encourage a united onslaught over the issue.
PM Modi ‘Bravely Riding A Tiger’ Says Nitish Kumar On Notes Ban

A Study Report to Make-Note; By: Harbans S Nagokay.

Jammu, November 21
Very few people know that Nitish Kumar has had a sneaking admiration for Narendra Modi. A tinge of camaraderie in their present antagonism can be easily detected. Psychology says that love and hatred are the two sides of the same coin. Their friendship and enmity have got so intermingled that it is difficult to make out one from the other. Everyone knows that Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar were arguably remained the best Chief minister in the country. Though! Rift remain also be there between the two leaders, but, Bihar’s CM Nitish Kumar favoured demonetisation of Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 notes and sought “action against benami property”, as well. In a statement Nitish stated “I am in favour of the decision to demonetise Rs 1000 and Rs 500 notes which will help end ‘2 number ka dhanda’ (illegal business),” he said addressing a ‘Chetna sabha’ at the start of his second leg of ‘Nishchay yatra’. “I want an attack on benami properties earned through illegal means for more effective results against black money,” Kumar, who is also the JD(U) national president, said.
“Prime Minister Modi is now riding a tiger which could damage his alliances, but there’s great sentiment in favour of his move and we should respect that,” said Mr. Nitish Kumar, who is the Bihar Chief Minister, to his party leaders.
On November 9, PM Modi said that just a few hours later, the high-denomination notes would be pulled from circulation as part of his commitment to ridding India of black money and corruption. The Opposition, which has broadly expressed its support for the cause, has united to indict the government for failing to protect the poor who were left cashless by the sudden move. The government has argued that without the element of total surprise, the reform would have been ineffective.
Nitish Kumar, who usually averse to praise for the PM, said that Prime Minister Modi had his “full support” on demonetisation, though his party members hastened to stress that the Chief Minister is concerned about the hardship that rural India has been placed under. 86% of the cash in circulation comprised of the notes that have been banned, and lakhs excluded from the banking system are now stranded, including farmers. “The party will not hesitate to highlight these inadequacies,” the Chief Minister assured his party yesterday. He said that he will continue to urge PM Modi to crackdown next on benami or proxy-owned property, where black money is invested in huge amounts.
Nevertheless, The Rajya Sabha was adjourned repeatedly on Monday as the opposition returned to shouting slogans demanding that PM Modi explain his abrupt outlawing of the old notes in the upper house, where the government is in a minority.
Within all above news stories, the updates coming out from ‘Rescue-Site’ of the Indore-Patna Express that went off track on Sunday, killing 142 passengers in their sleep and leaving hundreds injured, is not so good as number may increase more. Yet! Hundreds of army men, police and National Disaster Response Force personnel are at work at the accident site, racing to rescue survivors and remove the train wreckage to get the track fixed and ready.
This is the worst accident in recent times for the Indian railways, the world’s fourth largest train network. In 2010, a passenger train crashed into a freight train in Bengal, killing 146. Railways Minister Suresh Prabhu has ordered an investigation into the crash. Officials said yesterday that a fault in the tracks could have caused the accident.

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