Secret of economical prosperity lies in resolution of Kashmir dispute: Nayeem Khan

Senior resistance leader, National Front Chairman and Hurriyat leader, Nayeem Ahmad Khan has said that the secret of political and economic prosperity lies in the resolution of Kashmir dispute and the south Asian region is under the cloud of apprehensions only because of it.
“Unfortunately, the elements responsible for the present state of affairs always raise issues only to divert attention from the real dispute even knowing the fact that Kashmiri people have rendered huge sacrifices for the resolution,” Kan said. He said that Kashmiri people want a resolution of the dispute keeping in view the historical aspect of it because it is only this resolution for which they have been offering their blood since 1931. Khan said that India and Pakistan must exhibit their political and diplomatic maturity and adopt a pragmatic approach about the Kashmir dispute because accepting facts of a dispute is the very first step towards the resolution process.
“Indian unethical and incomprehensible approach towards the resolution process has caused a political suffocation in the whole south Asian region and it has in return damaged New Delhi itself by limiting its role otherwise India would have been a very important player at the international level. The fact is that India should understand the historical and geographical sensitivity of Kashmir dispute for its own benefit. Khan said that Kashmir dispute has turned Kashmir into a huge and large graveyard and hardly ant day passes when the residents of Kashmir do not remember any tragedy.Khan alarmed New Delhi and its local collaborators to shun the way of deceiving people.
Meanwhile, a National Front spokesman strongly condemned the house detention of Nayeem Ahmad Khan and other pro-freedom leaders. He said that India and its collaborators have lost the political fight against pro-freedom leaders like Nayeem Ahmad Khan and now they have started using the men in uniform to curb their political opponents.

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