Secular forces should unite against BJP, RSS’s communal attacks: Sitaram Yechury

CPM General Secretary Sitaram Yechury Wednesday said that democratic forces need to unite to “fight the communal onslaught of BJP and RSS”.
“The need of the hour is to unite the democratic forces to fight the communal onslaught of BJP and RSS whose agenda is to create a Hindutva-based rashtra (nation),” Yechury said while delivering a lecture at an event to mark the 107th birth anniversary of Communist leader Pramod Dasgupta.
Asked whether the Congress would be part of this “united force”, Yechury said, “On issues that all democratic forces are willing to come together to oppose any decision or proposal that creates a communal divide in India, we will cooperate with all such forces.
“We have done it in Parliament on economic issues such as the land acquisition, and on issues such as JNU, where Rahul Gandhi and I were on the same platform.”
“It is not only electoral alliances. It is essentially a larger coalition of all forces that are prepared to come forward and fight this battle against the character of modern Indian republic. That is what needs to be achieved,” Yechury said. Referring to the recent terror attacks in Bangladesh, he said, “The condition there is affecting India and that should be condemned. West Bengal should be careful; it has the potential to affect communal harmony in the state.”
Asked about the controversy surrounding Islamic preacher Zakir Naik, Yechury said, “There should be a proper inquiry into the matter before legal actions are taken.”
On the waning strength of the Left Front in Bengal, he said, “Weakening of Left Front is directly proportionate to the growth of these communal forces.
The Left Front has been the bulwark and still remains so in maintaining the secular and democratic character of the Indian republic.”

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