Seeing through; the collapsed walls

Nigam Gupta
I still remember the days when more than a hundred scientists, sociologists, writers’ artists, historians and film makers etc. have raised their collective voice against the growing atmosphere of intolerance in the country. Many returned their awards other issued statements to something like pouring scorn on.
Well ahead; all gone into winds. And, the attempt to send messages for creating an atmosphere of fear doesn’t lasts for so long.
On the basis of sensing a like-wise challenges & analogy, I don’t know the hidden political else religious agendas behind the Kashmir issue but we all know that it’s more or less being supported from other sides of territory. But, on this side, it’s a proven fact that there are multiple factions; one that calls for an independent Kashmir, a smaller group that wants to join up with Pakistan many more loves to be a part of India but few don’t even recognize else know much about this dogmatic issue and delinquent concern, the product-situation levied by our alike INTELLECTUALS & LEADERS.
Transformations of opinions, judgement & seeing the things with different yard sticks; articulates altered landings_ one tells about brutalities’ by armed forces against the peaceful (stone-throwing) protestors other support picking of guns as jihad (the religious right-war) and claims massacres / killings of security personals as rightful religious duty-struggle to maintain and spread the religion.
Animated slogans with stone throwing demonstrations duly supported by the reported growth in home-grown militancy and radicalisation of the Kashmiri population are not only to be exactly blamed for. Rather stillness & sitting-calm like pathway now adopted by our ‘PROFESSED INTELLIGENTSIAS’ else on-going ‘BLAME-GAMES’ by ‘POLITICAL LEADERS’ to be faithfully predictable as key reason behind this unrest.
What to do of a political dialogue, or economic opportunities, and employment opportunities otherwise excessive militarisation and human right commissions, when humanity actually found missing from hearts.
Given all, I’m recalling the FAMOUS SPEECH OF MAHATMA GANDHI… Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi, Vol. 90, p. 356-58
Today there is talk of war everywhere. Everyone fears a war breaking out between the two countries. If that happens it will be a calamity both for India and for Pakistan. India has written to the U.N. because whenever there is a fear of conflict anywhere the U.N. is asked to promote a settlement and to stop fighting from breaking out. India therefore wrote to the U. N. O. however trivial the issue may appear to be, it could lead to a war between the two countries. It is a long memorandum and it has been cabled. Pakistan’s leaders Zafrullah Khan and Liaquat Ali Khan have since issued long statements. I would take leave to say that their argument does not appeal to me. You may ask if I approve of the Union Government approaching the UNO I may say that I both approve and do not approve of what they did. I approve of it, because after all what else are they to do? They are convinced that what they are doing is right. If there are raids from outside the frontier of Kashmir, the obvious conclusion is that it must be with the connivance of Pakistan. Pakistan can deny it. But the denial does not settle the matter. Kashmir has acceded the accession upon certain conditions. If Pakistan harasses Kashmir and if Sheikh Abdullah who is the leader of Kashmir asks the Indian Union for help, the latter is bound to send help. Such help therefore was sent to Kashmir. At the same time Pakistan is being requested to get out of Kashmir and to arrive at a settlement with India over the question through bilateral negotiations. If no settlement can be reached in this way then a war is inevitable. It is to avoid the possibility of war that the Union Government has taken the step it did. Whether they are right in doing so or not God alone knows. Whatever might have been the attitude of Pakistan, if I had my way I would have invited Pakistan’s representatives to India and we could have met, discussed the matter and worked out some settlement. They keep saying that they want an amicable settlement but they do nothing to create the conditions for such a settlement. I shall therefore humbly say to the responsible leaders of Pakistan that though we are now two countries – which is a thing I never wanted – we should at least try to arrive at an agreement so that we could live as peaceful neighbors. Let us grant for the sake of argument that all Indians are bad, but Pakistan at least is a new-born nation which has more ever come into being in the name of religion and it should at least keep itself clean. But they themselves make no such claim. It is not their argument that Muslims have committed no atrocities in Pakistan. I shall therefore suggest that it is now their duty, as far as possible, to arrive at an amicable understanding with India and live in harmony with her. Mistakes were made on both sides. Of this o have no doubt. But this does not mean that we should persist in those mistakes, for then in the end we shall only destroy ourselves in a war and the whole of the sub-continent will pass into the hands of some third power. That will be the worst imaginable fate for us. I shudder to think of it. Therefore the two Dominions should come together with God as witness and find a settlement. The matter is now before the UNO. It cannot be withdrawn from there. But if India and Pakistan come to a settlement the big powers in the UNO will have to endorse that settlement. They will not object to the settlement. They themselves can only say that they will do their best to see that the two countries arrive at an understanding through mutual discussions. Let us pray to God is to grant that we may either learn to live in amity with each other or if we must light to let us fight to the very end. That may be folly but sooner or later it will purify us. Now a few words about Delhi. I came to know of the incidents which took place last evening through Brijkishan. I had gone to the Camp for the evening prayer. I came away after the prayer but he had stayed over to talk to the people in the Camp. There are some Muslim houses at as little distance from the Camp. About four or five hundred inmates of the Camp mostly women and children but also some men – issued out of the Camp to take possession of the houses. I am told they did not indulge in any kind of violence. Some of the houses were vacant. Some were occupied by the owners. They tried to take possession even of the latter. The police were near at hand. They immediately went to the spot and brought the situation under control at about 9 O’ clock according to the information I have. The police have stayed on there. I understand they had to use tear gas. Tear gas does not kill but it can be pretty painful. I am told that something has happened today again.
All I can say is that is a matter of great shame for us. Have not the refugees learnt even from their immense suffering that they have to exercise some restraint? It is highly improper to go and occupy other people’s houses. It is for the Government to find them shelter or whatever else their need. Today the Government is our own. But if we defy our own Government and defy the police and forcibly occupy houses the Government is not likely to continue for long. It is still worse that such things should happen in the capital city of India where there are so many ambassadors from all over the world. Do we want to show them the spectacle of people occupying what-ever they can? It is all the more regrettable that women and children were used as a shield. It is inhuman. It is like Muslim rulers keeping a herd of cows in the anguard of their armies to make sure that the Hindus would not fight. It is uncivilized, barbaric behavior. It is still more barbaric to put women and children in front to provide against the police making a lathi charge. It is abuse of womanhood. I must humbly ask all the refugees – women and children – not to behave in this way. Let them settle down. If they don’t, then apart from a war between Indian and Pakistan, we may kill ourselves in mutual strife. We may lose Delhi and make ourselves the laughing-stock of the world. If we want to keep India a free country, we must stop the things that are at present going on.
The solution at this time; To the Kashmir conflict is just a status-quo.
Otherwise, vested may start singing different songs; selected once again start stressing upon-for autonomy, some Self-rule, other family-rule, vested call for referendum and so-on.
There have been some interesting and innovative solutions proposed by various groups- which take into account the ego and territorial concerns of various parties involved. But, I found it is the best solution. India gets keeps its portion of Kashmir and Pakistan keeps its portion and does not cause problems to lead us a peaceful life.
Last-line, I don’t know, in other words it is not clear what could be a solution acceptable to all parties & assumed stake-holders. But, any responsible citizen else social-beings, of this ‘NATURALY GORGEOUS BUT MORTALITY-WISE UNLUCKIEST’ state, hardly ever encourage to see furthermore battle-field or inhuman killings.
At the end, before seeing through collapsed walls, or further damaging the walls, let’s try to pay attention on the sounds of soothing song coming through ‘Gurus of Peace’ sung by Nustrat Fateh Ali Khan with AR Rehman:
Chanda suraj laakhon taare hain jab tere hi yeh saare…..Kis baat par hothi hai phir thakraarein
Keenchi hai lakkeere is jameen pe par na keencho dekho…..Beech mein do dilon ke yeh deewaarein
Duniya mein kahin bhi, dard se koyi bhi… Thadpe to humko yahan pe….Ehsaas uske zakhmon ka ho ke….Apna bhi dil bhar bhar aaye roye aankhein…..
What are u waiting for another day another talk, Somewhere we have to find a new way to peace
Doori kyon dilon mein rahe faasle kyon badhte rahe…..Pyaari hai zindagi hai pyaara jahaan
Rishte badi mushkilon se…bante hai yahaan pe lekin…tootne ke liye bas ek hi lamha……

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