Seeking details of bank A/Cs from BJP MPS, Ministers, MLA’s, a Political Stunt: Harsh

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Jammu Tawi, November 30
Describing PM Modi’s directive calling upon the BJP Ministers, MPs and MLAs for submission of their Bank Accounts to Amit Shah as a political stunt, Harsh Dev Singh Chairman JKNPP and Former Minister today said that people of the country could no longer be swayed by gimmicks and tantrums. He said that if the PM really wanted to expose and punish such leaders he ought to have directed them to put their banks accounts and property details in public domain rather than their submission to BJP chief.
He further said that it was not only the deposits and withdrawls between Nov. 8 and Dec. 30 which needed to be publicized but the annual property returns of all such leaders were required to be put on the official website in case the PM Modi was sincerely concerned about the menace of corruption.
He said that annual public disclosure of assets of such leaders could not be substituted by so called in house accountability and transparency.
Describing PM Modi’s directive as an eye wash and window-dressing for the gullible, Singh questioned as to what action had been taken against those Ministers who were accused of real estate scam and money laundering scam recently with J&K govt. failing to give any clarification despite public outrage.
Likewise, he said, the sudden spike in deposits in September 2016 prior to demonetization as revealed by Reserve Bank of India had also gone unprobed.
Quoting the figures provided by RBI, Singh pointed out that “Sept 2016 saw an aggregate addition of Rs. 5.98 lakh crore over that in August 2016 to hit an all time high of Rs. 1,02,08,290 crore”, which had created genuine apprehensions and doubts in the minds of the public.
He said that such a sensational disclosure made by RBI had put the BJP in the dock and necessitated a probe into the huge unprecedented deposits.

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