SEEMA (BORDER) PAR JAWAAN – KHETON (FIELDS) MEIN KISAAN ‘The Lone Nonviolent Community Struggling for Resolving It’s Teething troubles’

Serious Study By: Harbans S Nagokay
Jat: Despite being designated as Martial Races (Community) by then British Empire, the exceptional community that always been found as ever naturally aggressive in battle-fields and hardworking in fields, otherwise friendly, loyal and brave civic-society, regrettably in today’s state of Jammu & Kashmir (India) is still fighting for its statutory rights & sustained existence.
Among the best fighters known for their service in our armed forces is ‘The Famous Jat Regiment’.
For Jat people; we can easily find a mention in most ancient Indian literature like Mahabharata and Rig Veda. Over sixty clans are named in the Rig Veda. In the Mahabharata as they are mentioned ‘Jartas’ in ‘Karna Parva’. The famous Sanskrit scholar Panini has mentioned in his Sanskrit grammar known as A???dhy?y? in the form of shloka as or “Jat Jhat Sanghate”.This means that the terms ‘Jat’ and ‘democratic federation’ are synonymous. In Ramayana period also; in Sarg 42 of Kishkindha Kanda in Ramayana, we find mention of Jatapur city means ‘the city of Jats’ near Avanti and after it is situated near Sindhu River.
Though! Many Jat families are previously settled in Jammu area of J&K state, since long-back and well-known as CHOWDHARYS then again in 1947; like many Hindus, Jats also came from MIRPUR, BHIMBER & other adjoining areas of (now) POK. In Jammu Jats; are mainly entitled & termed as Choudharys. Being Punjabi speaking, and linguistically or culturally Jats of Jammu are very similar to Jatt Sikhs of Punjab. Majority of Jatts are in Jammu are Hindus (70%) and the remaining Sikhs. The Hindu and Sikh Jatts in J&K inter-marry and mainly enjoying common cast & gotras as of Punjabis like Maan, Gills, Grewals, Dhilons, Sidus, Chahals and many more matching cast list. By the times gone by, there have been many Jat kings and other leading figures, including several prominent political leaders in India, such as Chaudhary Charan Singh, Chaudhary Bansi Lal, Chaudhari Devi Lal. This includes American Senator Satveer Chaudhary (the first South Asian senator in American history).
Like-wise, above and beyond contributing a lot in belt forces, army, civil services & agriculture, Jat community too plays a crucial role in J&K’s politics and quite generously formed so many privileged-leaders like Ex MLA Late Ch. Chajju Ram,Ex BJP MLA Late Ch. Chuni Lal, Ex BJP MLA Ch. Piara Singh, Suchetgarh MLA, PHE, Irrigation and Flood Control Ch. Sham Lal, EX MP S. Tarlok Singh Bajwa, Ex Cabinet Minister Sukhnadan Choudhary, MLC PDP Surinder Choudhary, Congress MLA and, Ex Minister S. Manjeet Singh, Ex Congress Minister, Now PDP Ch. Garu Ram, besides many other frontrunners, thinkers, Army Officers, Bureaucrats, Scientists, Educationists, Top MEDIA HOUSE . & prominent businessmen, Journalists, are among prominent citizens from this overlooked Jat community which mainly breathes in border villages near LOC & usually becomes victims of firing-shells from Pakistan.
Tragic part of Jats living in J&K state is that still majority is among poor farmers, living well within firing ranges at border villages and despite unnatural bereavements & losses due to shells-and-shots, never ever indulged in aggressive protests and andolans etc. However, jat-organizations; keep on raising demands like ‘OBC’ and allied reliefs & difficulties since independence, but no heed had ever been paid to this hapless civic-society.
For the first time, with two ‘Ministers, MLA & MLC’ from Jat community; in present coalition of BJP-PDP Govt. in Jammu & Kashmir, and accordingly the recent statements coming from CM Mehbooba Mufti on at-least, giving a chance to prove their value-substances; actually a fresh ray-of-hope, has been arisen in this disheartened Jat community. There are many other reasons for such expectation as PM MOdi; is otherwise been found very promising then Jats of Jammu also now became positively optimistic on thoughtful considerations and better solutions to their long pending genuine demands, for which they never ever preferred to revolt; being responsible citizens of this nation India.

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