Sense of duty must in legislators

Budget session has begun on a stormy note with opposition raising hue and cry over killings and alleged dilution of state constitution by the PDP led government. This is nothing unusual but a routine while those journalists who cover assembly proceedings witness after year after.
They only change that they witness is parties exchanging place of their sitting in the assembly as well as council. When PDP goes out of power, it put the entire blame of destroying the state constitution on national conference.
Similarly, when PDP comes to power, NC blames it for all ills afflicting the state. This blame game at times results in legislators virtually resorting to physical assault. Not long ago, BJP MLA’s beat up independent legislator and a maverick Engineer Rashid inside the legislative assembly.
Not only this, they followed up by justifying the attack on Er Rashid. A similar other instances can be recollected and one is left with no option but to express remorse over the failure of legislators to do their duty with honesty and integrity. Legislators should understand that they have not been elected to create ruckus, disturbing assembly proceedings and forget their legislative business.
The people have elected them with the hope that they would not only represent them, but be their voice in the legislative assembly. They hardly do this job. Their focus in the assembly most of the times remains catching a beautiful headline in the media. This is not what they should be looking for. The assembly secretariat should note this and at least start some preparations classes for the legislators where they should be taught the basics of legislative business.
The legislative assembly as well as council should both look like serious institutions where issues of public concern are debated and discussed in detail. People should feel that their representatives are serious about their issues. They should not be left in lucre.
They should identify themselves with their representatives. The sooner the government takes the legislative business seriously; a number of things are likely to improve.

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