Separatists, henchman plunge Kashmir in gloom

The turning up of huge number of youths at Army recruitment drive in Kashmir despite separatists’ diktat, shows that people in Kashmir are being subjected to undue pressure and restrictions. It shows that the separatists in Kashmir with the help of their henchmen are plunging Kashmir in gloom, besides turning the Kashmir into an unprecedented cage.
More than 2,000 candidates turned up with their documents to file their application for recruitment in the Indian Army amid threats from the separatists.
The Kashmir has been reeling under street protests since past more than three months and everybody is quite aware about the minds orchestrated and engineered this unrest. The common Kashmiri has nothing to do with the
violence; it is separatists and their paid henchmen, who are keeping the pot boiling in Kashmir Valley.
Thousands of youth in Anantnag district turned up for Indian Army recruitment drive despite the fact that separatists’ diktat was looming above them. Anantnag remained among few districts which were volatile after the killing of Hizbul commander.
The Indian Army recruitment began in South Kashmir and will continue till September 24. The second phase of the drive will take place from September 29.
Around 2,200 students registered through online and participated in this rally. Youth from Kashmir attended such rallies in large number, which means they want and respect the integrity with India, which is not digested by separatist forces.
The increase in number of protesters on streets is not actually discontent among the common Kashmiris but
gathered mass support by force
and threatening.
Earlier also, over 200 youths from Kashmir got recruited in the Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry Regiment.
Youths from remote village in North Kashmir’s Bandipore had to break many barriers to become a soldier.
The approach of the newly recruited boys was as such that they even clarified media that their life now belongs to the country. Even if they have to sacrifice life for the country, they will do that, it does not matter.
Young cadets from across the state took oath to serve the nation in Kashmir at the parade attended by over a 1,000 relatives of the soldiers. The new
recruits have completed 11 weeks of strenuous training.
The recruitment drive is a boon for the young men in the valley who were brought up under the shadow of militancy. This gives them an opportunity to be employed and lead a regular life.
242 cadets joined the Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry Regiment in the passing out parade this year. The number was 142 last year.
Army said that many young men from the Valley are now joining the armed forces as it provides them with a stable and dignified career.
20,000 aspirants turned up to fill up 55 vacancies last year in Kashmir and 34,000 candidates registered themselves for a ten-day army recruitment rally in Jammu.

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