Set to go electronic, JKP’s old security schemes go defunct

Jammu and Kashmir police is working hard on launching Technical Electronic Security (TES) system in the state under which security system will be upgraded with use of modern electronic techniques to ensure swift action and round the clock safety of the people.

Sources said that the department has geared up itself to upgrade the traditional ways of working with modern techniques with the use of electronic security systems. But contradictory to this, department has miserably failed in continuing many of its old techniques and schemes launched for the same purpose which have irked the public at large.

If sources are to be believed, the department has even started the trail of many services which included electronic security system in traffic, upgrading of police control rooms into ‘Modern Control Rooms’, Dial 100 service and SMS gateway besides many others.

Even the department has started GPRS based tracking system on trial basis in several police vehicles along with the installation of more Close Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras in the various sites of the city for complete round the clock vigil and has also dedicated two ‘Whatsapp’ numbers for the public in general to register complaint or to get relevant and timely information via using whatsaap messenger from anywhere, any time.

The department had issued a whatsaap number 9622882222 for general public to get information regarding the traffic and highway updates which is though active now but is not being widely used due to less advertisement or the reasons best known to the department.

Similarly another number was also issued by the Jammu and Kashmir Police for receiving timely complaints or information related to crime, harassment of women, eve-teasing, traffic, law and order by general public but bizarre to listen that even the senior police officers don’t know about this number, then how those for whom it was launched.

Sources also disclosed that 14 CCTV cameras installed in the winter capital are lying defunct and these cameras are of prime locations like Dogra Chowk and Janipur.  A police officer on the condition of anonymity uttered that “We are facing huge problem in policing due to the defunct CCTV cameras. The company which had installed these cameras was a low grade company and most of its cameras had stopped functioning within two to three months of their installation”.

He said that even requests for repairing these cameras was made by him and other officers deployed at various stations time and again but all in vain. “Even we have to face public wrath as most of the time people ask us to verify the incident or conduct inquiry on the basis of CCTV footage and when we asked them that the camera is lying defunct they even suspect us and alleged us of deliberately misleading the inquiry” he added.

Savita Sharma, a local said that police on one hand claims to launch several schemes and techniques for the safety especially of women’s but unfortunately nothing is available on ground as even despite being a PG student I don’t know the whatsaap number of JKP and the night patrolling squad started by the police last year is also nowhere now.

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