Religious festivities touch new high, 7 days mela begins at Swankha

Balwant Singh
The Annual Baba Sidh Goria Mela, which runs for a week at Swankha commenced today with great fervor. Every year people come in large numbers to pay obeisance at the shrine and take bath in holy ‘Sarover’ which is believed to be having healing and spiritual powers.
The Shrine of Baba Sidh Goria is prominently known in the State and the devotees from different parts of the State and outside throng every year in the month of June-July.
An Exhibition was also organized by different Government departments like Agriculture, Social Welfare, Industries, Apiculture, Horticulture, Handloom, Tourism, Rural Development, Education and other departments to make people aware about the schemes being implemented by them.
The District administration had made elaborate arrangements for the smooth conduct of the mela like uninterrupted power, safe drinking water, sanitation, medicare and security. Mahant Girdhari Lal said that it is popularly known that the shrine that of Baba Sidh Goria Nath ji, a follower of Gorakh Nath. The water of the holy Sarovar (pond) is considered as pious as Ganga Jal and is believed to have curative properties. Baba Sidh Goria shrine has great significance among devotees and people from state as well as from other parts of country as they paid their obeisance in the mela.

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