Several organisations castigate hospital adm, doctors for protest

Several social, political organisations criticized hospital administration and doctors for un necessary protest.
Sarpanches and Panches have hailed the decision of one patient for registering FIR against hospital management, who forced the patients to purchase the medicine from local markets.
Being medicine available in the hospital even patients have to purchase syringes and glucose from the market.
On 29th of July MLA Inderwal GM Saroori visited hospital to enquire the health of some patients admitted in district hospital Kishtwar where he found a pair of patient living below the poverty line was forced to purchase the glucose syringes and others medicines from the market. MLA Inderwal was surprised to see that patients are purchasing medicine from the market and no body is there to check such things and when MLA Inderwal enquired with the In
charge hospital authorities informed that there is sufficient glucose, syringes and others essential medicine in hospital. But it is a matter of great concern that why the hospital authorities are having sufficient medicines, then why the poor patients are being forced to purchase the medicine from the
local markets which need to be probed.
It is surprising the paramedical staff and doctors of district Kishtwar were on protest strike and were demanding registration of an FIR against one Mohd.Iqbal who is a very gentle fellow, who dared them to ask the hospital authority that why poor patients are being forced to purchase medicines even glucose and syringes from market. This act of hospital management was just to divert the attention of common masses in order to hide there misdeeds and highhandness of hospital can be better judged by the working style of same doctors. Same time back during duty hours one doctor found involved in private practicing in his clinic and matter was immediately brought into the notice of Medical Superintendent but no action was taking against the erring doctor.
Morever, some doctors are advising the patients to
purchase the medicines from a particular shop which clearly indicates their
guilty conscious.
It is also mention here that maximum doctors hand in glove with some Medical representative of sub standard and banned companies for that they provided hand some amount from that Medical Representatives.
All urged upon the Health Minister to take action against erring doctors and officer who prescribed sub standard medicines and also forced them to purchase medicine from particular shop where they are

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