Sex tips for people who are too busy

March 17: Most of us are guilty of neglecting our relationships, even ourselves, because of the drive to fulfill our career goals and living a super-fast lifestyle. But having a hectic schedule is no excuse to put your sex life in jeopardy. Here are a few tips that can help you put your sex life back on track without making any drastic changes to your already crazy timetable.

Any day is special

There’s no written rule that you have to wait for birthdays or anniversaries to have some so-called special sex, says The Huffington Post. As long as both of you are feeling well and have ample privacy, there should be nothing stopping you from getting kinky.

Shower together

The bathroom may be the only place in your house apart from your bedroom where you are the least likely to be interrupted, especially if you are married with kids. However, there’s no compulsion for both of you to end up having sex over there. Making out is one of the best ways keep the passion in your relationship alive.

Just get out of the house
Sometimes, merely changing your surroundings can help you to view your partner differently. The home, with all of its distractions like domestic chores, kids; computers and the TV can prevent you from spending some much-needed intimate moments with your love.

Consult an expert

Instead of asking family and friends who might be sailing in the same boat as you, seek advice from relationship counsellors and sex therapists. Try to check websites that offer good and practical sex tips that you can take advantage of.

Quickies are important

Not every sex session has to begin only after a romantic dinner or a special outing. Quickies can be a great deal of fun too if both of you are in the mood. It is importance to make the most of what you have.

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