Shaktiman was let down

Dear Editor

I am not sure if Shaktiman, our brave, handsome white horse of the Uttarakhand Mounted Police, had leg guards on when he was on duty when his leg was thrashed and he fell down and injured himself.

We do not have proven evidence of what happened. The visuals are indicative but not conclusive. How the injury was caused is a matter of police investigation. The person suspected a politician, was arrested and is currently on bail. He continues to deny he hit Shaktiman.

We do not know the truth. We only have a gut feeling! But my question is: was Shaktiman, our brave mount, whom Maneka Gandhi addressed also as a police officer on duty, protected both on his face and legs to protect from getting hit or injured in case of stone-throwing? This is what mounted police gets in many countries – due protection.


Sanjeev Singh

R.S.Pura, Jammu

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