Shiekh Abdullah liberated JK state from oppressive feudal rule in 147: NC

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Srinagar, December 29
Sheikh Mustafa Kamaal Additional General Secretary Jammu and Kashmir National Conference visited village Padyari (Barnoti ) in Kathua in the company of Dr. Farooq Abdullah President J&K National Conference and others to condole the demise of Ex-MLA Sagar Chand’s wife recently. Addressing the gathering on the occasion Dr. Kamaal said that National Conference has the proud privilege of having Sher-i-Kashmir late Sheikh Mohd Abdullah as its founder, philosopher friend and guide. It was he who liberated peoples of the State from centuries of oppressive feudal rule in 1947 and established real democracy where in people are the masters of their own destiny.
The present progress and prosperity of all manner of people without discrimination of caste, colour, creed, region or religion in the hall mark of National Conference achievements. Injustice and oppression of yester- years is but a fading memory thanks to the people friendly programmes and policy of National Conference. “Land to the tiller” and abolition of rural indebtedness within the formative years of National Conference rule post 1947 was a revolutionary step not seen anywhere else in the world which has transformed the lives of the people in all the three regions of Jammu and Kashmir. While Dalits, other backward classes, Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribe are being discriminated in rest of the country such is not the position in J&K.
The dividing lines of religion and sects and classes have but been obliterated with all people having equal access to basic needs of life and equal opportunities to grow prosper and progress. In all this the present ruling coalition of BJP and PDP have had no role or contribution whatsoever having surfaced in the state a decade and a half ago. With every passing day they are exhibiting their true colour of being power hungry and downright opportunists hell bent to erode the secular fabric of the state so painstakingly built by National Conference against all odds including the well-entrenched groups with communal mindset dating back to bloody and painful days of partition of the Indian Sub-Continent. The PDP in now playing the role of a facilitator for the BJP to further erode the autonomy of the State under Article 370 of the Indian constitution. They have together let loose a reign of terror, death and destruction since they took power the like of which has not been witnessed in the past.
Dr. Kamaal extolled the audience to be wary of these forces in and outside the Government and unitedly, under the banner of National Conference, thwart their nefarious designs and exhibit the highest standards of good human behavior. He also appealed to PM Modi not to treat the Kashmir issue as an administrative matter by giving it to the Bureaucrats to handle.It is a political issue of long standing which has not only cost us heavily in terms of death and destruction and precious resources but has bedeviled relations with our neighbor further compounding the miseries of the people of J&K state especially along the borders. It is high time for the Modi Govt. to “bite the bullet” as rightly said by Dr. Karan Singh M.P ( RS) the scion of the last ruler of the J&K State Maharaja Sir Hari Singh Repeated pleas in this direction by Dr. Farooq Abdullah have been ignored and any further delay in this behalf would cast a shadow on the secular fabric and democratic credentials of India.
In the end Dr. Kamaal told the audience to strengthen National Conference at all levels by upholding its lofty ideals and cherished values of communal and social harmony.

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