Shift wine shop, help stop harassment , plead residents of Chinta Bhalara area of Bhaderwah

Residents of Chinta Bhalara area of Bhaderwah  have appealed to the district administration to relocate the Liquor shop from their locality , as it obstructed smooth flow of traffic and caused hardship to them.In a memorandum submitted recently to the District administration , through Sarpanch of Dugga Panchayat of Chinta Sushil Kumar Bhagat   , they called for immediate shifting of the shop as a school, temple and many houses were located nearby. Sushil Kumar Bhagat alleged that people drank at the near shops and caused nuisance in that area by sitting in front of the gates of houses. In an inebriated condition, they turned the stretch into a public convenience, dumped food waste and even abused each other or passers by in foul language. The problem continued even after midnight, he  alleged .Residents asked the authorities to have the shop shifted to a place  where there were no residential area and road  nearby. Alleging violation of the Government’s order that liquor  shops should not be located in residential areas or near temples of educational institutions, residents demanded that the shop  be shifted immediately if not they will hold protest and demonstration .“Since last one year, we have sent more than 10 letters to the excise department for shifting the wine shop to some other location or take away the license of the wine shopkeeper. But, nothing has been done as government has turned a deaf ear to process our request,” said Sushil Kumar Bhagat .This wine shop has become a centre of nuisance in the vicinity as it is kept open till midnight, they alleged and  demanded that the district administration respond to their woes and shift a wine shop to stop perpetrating nuisance in their locality.Customers consume liquor at the shop and tend to misbehave with women and children, often resulting in confrontations and squabbles disturbing peace and harmony in the locality.Though several complaints have been made to the Police and Excise departments in past , there has been no effort to shift the wine shop and help prevent women and young girls from facing nuisance and harassment. It is time that the district administration took cognisance of the plight of residents  and shift the wine shop away from the Bhaderwah Chinta road cum residential area, failing which the residents would be forced to launch an intensified agitation, the memorandum said.They further said that sale of liquor remains on even during the working school/ college hours “as a result it has become difficult for the college students especially girls to move on the road”.

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