Shiv Sena criticizes JMC for harassing citizens

Shiv Sena ( Bala Sahib Thackery ) today strongly criticized Jammu Municipal Corporation and its Commissioner Mandeep Kour for harassing citizens of Jammu for one pretext or the other.

While talking to media persons at Indira Chowk Vice President Narinder Dev Chunni , Sandeep Bhagat and MM Sadotra said that JMC is harassing the innocent civilians with new new self made rules and policies which are not made for benefits of locals but became headache for the locals. He said JMC style of work is so poor and today in whole city construction of buildings illegally is going on unabated under the nose of JMC . He said when a owner starts building work concerned JMC officers remains mute spectator and when building is ready JMC officials starts sealing the building harassing the innocents and also demands huge amount of bribe for completing the file.  He said illegal construction of buildings are going everywhere in the city viz. Janipur , Bakshi Nagar, Gujjar Nagar , Gandhi Nagar , RoopNagar , Old City and almost in all colonies.

He said now JMC is targeting the innocent traders of Indira Chowk ( Ranbir Market) and in front of shops has made Paid parking besides the fact that this land belongs to Jammu and Kashmir Dharamarth Trust and this market has been established in the year 1979 and JMC is forcefully capturing the land and is harassing the shopkeepers.  He said that Shiv Sena will not allow JMC to do injustice with the shopkeepers of Ranbir Market and will start big agitation against JMC .

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