Shiv Sena holds protest against rising prices of petrol

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Jammu Tawi, May 30

Shiv Sena Bala Sahib Thakrey has held a protest against the rising prices of petrol, at Bari Brahmna Chowk. This protest being held under the leadership of state president Dimpy Kholi state sec Raj Singh, Raju Salaria president Vijaypur,  Pawan Manhas Vijaypur prabhari.

They said that govt should not take any step for the prosperity of poor public. The protesters said that the increasing prices of fuel or other things directly effect for the public. Why the govt take such step in which people will be pushed towards poverty line. During the last one year, the petrol prices have seen a steep increase which is a big worry for people. Shiv Sena leaders said that the petrol prices for sure will decrease otherwise they will have to take a strong decision for decreasing the prices of petrol.

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