Shri Ram Sena accuses NC for Kashmir unrest

Accusing National Conference (NC) of pushing Jammu and Kashmir into a quagmire of uncertainties, State President, Shri Ram Sena, Jammu and Kashmir, Rajiv Mahajan said NC is responsible for the political mess in Jammu and Kashmir State particularly in Kashmir Valley.
Hitting out at National Conference leadership, Rajiv Mahajan blamed the actions by National Conference since 1948 for the loss of trust in democracy among the people of the Valley.
“Atmosphere in the Kashmir Valley has deteriorated because of the bad policies of the National Conference leadership,” he said adding that the leaders of this party are opportunists who can go to any extent to achieve their goal.
Taking a dig at NC for accusing the army of being responsible for the Kashmir unrest, Rajiv Mahajan said, “The army tried its best to pacify youth and the army personnel in Kashmir Valley are to restore peace and work for the welfare of
the people, but it is the NC which is alienating the youth of the Valley with its provoking remarks.”
“This party is responsible for all the prevailing mess in Kashmir and the way it is making shout over a useless issue signifies how desperate the party is to grab the attention of the people,”
he said.

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