Shutterbugs at verge of starvation as mobiles replace professional lenses at Jammu’s tourist spots

While the Jammu and Kashmir Government is aiming to boost tourism sector by all means but the photographers at various tourist spots are at the verge of starvation as mobile clicks have replaced their professional lenses.
Claiming that (photographers) it is becoming impossible for them to meet their daily needs with no financial source other than clicking pictures of visitors and tourists at the tourist spots, the shutterbugs have sought ban on mobile phones inside the spots so that their business does not get hampered.
”With the coming of mobile phones having high quality cameras, our business has almost come to an end and we are at the verge of starvation,” Rakesh Kumar, vice president, Bagh-e-Bahu Photographers Association here said.
Bagh-e-Bahu-a replica of Srinagar’s Nishaat Garden built by the Mughals is one of the most beautiful and visited gardens in this winter capital of the state.
”The state government should come out with a solution so that mobiles either should banned at these locations or made restricted only to limited venues,” he added.
The lensman said that though it is not possible to ban mobiles at tourist destinations but instead, a ticket or token system must be introduced at nominal charges, which will limit number of mobiles at the spot and will give at least some respite from dying business and revive their source of income.
”The government should at least have some policy for these photographers and start a relief process and rehabilitate them,” he added.
Meanwhile another photographer, Bubby Kumar said that earlier the cameramen used to click shots of visitors and they were charged nominal but it was a routine matter but with mobile use, only some percent of visitors prefer to get their pictures clicked by the professional photographers.
The photographers however rued, that the government have well established policies to rehabilitate surrendered militants and stone pelters but no plans to settle and provide relief to this community, who actually promote tourism by clicking the scenic spots, which are being
carried across the country by the visitors.

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