Since 2012, only 50% vehicles installed HSNP

Nagender Jamwal

Transport department has apparently failed to implement High Security Number Plates (HSNP) on vehicles in the Jammu region. In last four years, only 50 per cent of vehicles in Jammu have got the plates installed.

The process of fixing the HSNP on vehicles in Jammu has started from June 2012 but if official sources are to be believed only 50 percent of the vehicles have been fitted with these plates so far.

However it has been made mandatory for vehicle owners to install HSNP on their vehicles after registering a new vehicle in the Regional Transport Office (RTO), the owners of the vehicles, especially the ones registered before 2012 are least bothered about this process.

Around 7.56 lakh vehicles are registered in the Jammu region, out of which 6.5 lakh are registered under the RTO, Jammu, sources said and added that the task of fixing HSNP plates in the state was given to Real Mazon India Limited which has installed over 4 lakh plates in the last four years.

Sources said that the response of the old vehicle owners is less and the main reason behind the poor response of the people is the implementation of the law in the state. The traffic police do not have the authority to fine a vehicle for not installing HSNP, sources added.

Sources said that some vehicle owners registered their vehicles in RTO Jammu for implementing the HSNP but instead of fitting these HSNP plates they fitted private plates on their vehicles.

Traffic officials said that we can fine only those vehicles whose number is not written as per the guidelines but we cannot fine those who have not installed HSNP plates as we do not have the notification from the concerned authorities.

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