Since 2014, Need Based Employees in health deptt longing for salaries

Nagender Jamwal

Since 2014, around 107 Need Based Employees are craving for their wages from the Government Health and Medical Education department, which is estimated around Rs 1.10 cr.

Officials said, “Health and Medical Education Department has to pay Rs 1 crore and 10 lakh amount to Need Based Employees who were employed in different hospitals viz Government Medical College (GMC), SMGHS, Super Specialty Hospital (SSH) and Government Chest and Disease Hospital.”

Department has sanctioned funds on the name of ‘Mechanize work’ which includes repairing of electric appliances, change of bulbs, fan repairing, Air Conditioners (AC) repairing, change of wires and etc, officials said and added this year department has sanctioned around Rs 12 lakh for mechanize work.

The wages of these employees (need based) is 5 lakh 34 thousand per month and around Rs 1crore and 10 lakh, officials said and added that these mechanize work funds for patient care in which we have to take care of (repair of) electric equipments in the hospitals and we cannot distribute these funds to these employees and even health department did not sanction specific funds for these need based employees, officials said.

Officials inform, “In GMC there are 26 need based employees  while in SSH there are 62 employees and in associate hospitals there are 14 employees while 05 employees have left their jobs but their wages are still pending.”

Mechanical Wing, Xen, Ashok Singh said, “I have approached Principal GMC several times along with the whole bio-data and documents of need based employees which have been forwarded to the Secretary Health and Medical Education Department for the release of funds in favour of these workers but no funds has been released so far to release the wages.”

When contacted Principal GMC, Dr Zahid Gillani, he after brief talk disconnected the call pretending it as network problem and when he was contacted again he did not attend the call.

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