Since Independence, Azizpur habitants hanging around for a small bridge

Despite boasting of state government of providing better road connectivity to rural and far-flung areas, the habitants of village Azizpur, still deprives of better road connectivity. In the lack of the facility, the villagers are bound to face dissimilar problems.

The local habitants showing strong resentment held government and local administration responsible for the dissimilar hardships they are facing.

Naib Sarpanch Rajinder Singh Andotra said that the ministers sitting in the government keep on swanking that government is committed to connect far off and isolated areas of the state with roads to foster development in these areas. Not only this, they say that government has initiated several roads in Kandi, Hilly and border areas of the state to upgrade civic amenities in these areas.

“However, the fact is that our village is far off from all these statements as since Independence we are struggling for mere small bridge over the Vajhu Nallah”, he miffed.

Briefing the problem, he said that their village is hardly five Kilometers from District Headquarters. About twenty-five years back government had constructed bridge on way to their village at Vajhu Nallah.

Castigating the constructing agencies responsible, he said that the material used was of such a poor standard that before the villagers could avail the benefit of bridge, it washes away in the very first rains of Monsoon.

He further said that this bridge was having connection to their as well dozens of other adjoining villages. With the washing away of bridge, hundreds’ of villagers are bound to face number of hardships.

Shabir Ahmed, showing resentment said that as there is a middle school and a dispensary in the village, the people find any benefit of these facilities.

The children find it hard to reach school. Many times children had faced accidents over here and even some had drowned. During the rainy season, it is hard to move the patient out of village for better treatment as there is no other way and patient had to survive at his own luck.

Lamenting the Flood Control Department Raghubir Singh said that despite repeated request the departments are keep on befooling people by making false assurances. In lack of better road connectivity people residing in the village are bound to live in hell like situations.

“During rainy season the problem turns into a trouble, the people find it hard to pass through the flood water. The parents of the school going children have to do double exercise as they have to make special efforts to let kids reach school and come back,” said Wasid Khan.

Alleging the local leaders Mohammad Shafi, said before elections many leaders promised them to get their problem solved, but with the end of election’s they just forget their promises.

The people had urged district administration to construct the lapsed bridge and maintain the link road to the village.

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