Situation worrisome yet 5 top cops want transfer

Vishal Sharma

Situation is worrisome across the state due to killings in Kashmir but it seems five senior police officers are more worried about being transferred and posted out of their present places.

If the sources are to be believed, these five officers are not satisfied with their present place of posting and have been pleading for being transferred out of their present places. They want better posting and sources assert that for that, situation across the state makes no sense.

These senior police officers instead of keeping eye on swiftly changing situation of Kashmir are busy in visiting the residences of ministers and bureaucrats with bouquets and gifts for their untimely cum favorable transfer. Highly place sources disclosed that crossing all the limits of immodesty one of the senior police officer even visited a residence of some minister with the packets of chocolate and ice cream which has later become matter of laugh.

Not even this, most of these officers use to make frequent phone calls to both PDP and BJP ministers pleading for their transfer over which many times they were candidly scolded by them, but even that did not deter two of these five officers from making desperate efforts for transfer.  If sources are to be believed when one of the senior police officer ringed a PDP minister for transfer, he was taken aback when the minister told him not to expect anything out of turn.

He further told the officer “Situation is deteriorating in Kashmir with the each passing day and you are asking for transfer. I am unable to go to my office and working from my home and you are asking for your transfer. Use your wisdom and this is not possible at least at this moment”.

Sources further said that after getting bluntly slammed by the PDP minister, the senior police officer went to a top National Conference (NC) leader and in front of a senior NC leader; he did strong criticism of the said PDP minster as particular and party as whole. These police officers usually remain out of their respective offices and could be easily seen at the residence of any minister or bureaucrat. They have no concern with their duty of maintaining law and order for which they are getting handsome salaries.



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