Six injured in IndiGo flights near-collision

Four passengers and two crew members of a Guwahati-Mumbai IndiGo flight were injured in a near-collision with another plane of the same airlines An IndiGo statement here today said that flight 6E-813 en-route to Guwahati from Mumbai experienced turbulence due to monsoon activity over the sub-continent, yesterday. 6E-813 flight experienced “Clear Air Turbulence” (CAT) which could not be detected by the weather radar.
This caused the aircraft 6E-813 (Mumbai-Guwahati) to climb by about 250-300 feet, at the same instance another aircraft 6E-136 (Guwahati-Chennai) was crossing 6E-813. Following the prescribed protocol, the pilot immediately applied the Resolution Advisory (RA) triggered by TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System).
Due to this monsoon activity, passengers along with the cabin crew on board were physically shaken. Of all, four passengers complained of giddiness and two cabin crew needed first aid, the statement said.
The flight made a normal landing at Guwahati later. Immediately after landing, these four passengers along with the two cabin crew were administered with the necessary medical assistance. As per the doctor’s report, there were no major injuries reported.

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