SMI holds intellectuals meet, pledges to fight against social injustice

The Social Movement of India (SMI) organized intellectuals meet on the topic “How can aboriginal indigenous Indians Viz, SCs, STS, OBCs and converted minorities consisting of 91 percent of the total population achieve their ultimate objective of changing the system in India.
Masud Choudhary former Vice Chancellor Baba Gulam Shah Badshah University, Rajouri was the chief guest on the occasion.
The speakers expressed their serious concern over the attitude of the upper caste people towards the SCs, STs, OBCs and converted Muslims and alleged that these classes still face discrimination.
They said these people who are aborigines of India are facing total discrimination and victimization through the hands of upper caste people.
Criticizing the role of Upper Caste people the speakers said that a glaring example of formation of Joint Action Committee against the reservations by the Upper caste people who are just 9 percent of the total population in the State vis-a -vis India have grabbed 80 percent to 90 percent political power, jobs and seats in professional colleges etc. The land and resources, business and industries as well as media of the country was in their hands, speakers added.
They said if these so called upper castes are Hindus then what these SCs, STs and OBCs are? They wanted to know can a Hindu fight against the fundamental rights enshrined by the Constitution of India to the aboriginal indigenous Indians viz, SCs, STs, OBCs and converted Minorities? They further asked can a microscopically small and scandalously over privileged community called Brahmins who are just 2.5 percent of the total population of the State as well as country from amongst all the religions be allowed to rule the roost un reasonably, they further asked.
The views expressed by the speakers came to a logical conclusion that ultimately aboriginal and indigenous Indians should leave no stone unturned to unite all the victims of this socio-religious system throughout the country cutting across the caste, religions, regions, language etc with Ambedkar ideology to lead the movement and confront against the upper caste system.

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