Snatching Reported in the Posh Area Of Jammu

JAN 27: Snatching incidents have increased in Jammu and today another same incident happened at Last Morh, Gandhi Nagar where the thieves have snatched a purse from a girl who was going to her office.

While talking to the media the girl said “I was about to reach my office when 2 people arrived on a bike, snatched my purse, and ran away. They snatched my course so quickly that for a few minutes I didn’t realize what happened. In the purse, I was carrying my important documents, ATM card, cash, and phone. Out of the 2 snatchers, one was a Sikh guy as he was wearing a turban and the other was a normal guy. I demand that the police should recover my purse along with all the items in it”.

The area where the snatching happened is one of the posh areas of Jammu and the police station is just a few kilometers from here but still, such incidents are taking place, and that too at day time is a big thing in itself.

The police have arrived at the site and have assured that they will recover the purse.