SNK seeks donation for completion of Senior Citizen’s Home

Shanti Niketan Trust has appealed to the residents to donate to complete the construction of Senior Citizen’s Home. This Senior Citizen Home Bahu Fort Tawi Temple Complex is being constructed near Harki Pauri. The building of the house has been fully prepared and only the electricity sanitation and finishing work is in progress. Two-storey building has been constructed with additional bathroom with 24 rooms in the house, verandah facility is provided. Rugs have been provided on one side of the stairs for the elderly, so that they do not have difficulty in climbing the stairs. Apart from this, 14 bedrooms have also been provided in this building. This senior citizen home is located in the middle of the city and is located at railway station 4, bus stand 5 and airport 6 kilometers away.


Members of Shanti Niketan Trust say that the purpose behind the creation of a Senior Citizen Home is to honor people in reaching the last study of life. The house has been built to make the parents left by the children to realize their feelings. The objective of the Trust is to understand the difficulties of the elderly and the disabled and the poor, with the overall viewpoint.

This house has been built for the convenience of such people whose children do not want to keep their parents together in the old age. Members of the Trust say that they started the construction work of this senior citizen home with the aim of giving life to the elderly. More than half of the building’s work has been completed; the remaining work will be completed soon from the donation money given by the city dwellers.

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