Software Freedom Week celebrated at SMVDU

The Software Freedom Day, observed on the 3rd Saturday of September every year globally was celebrated week-long at the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at SMVD University, Katra. The goal of this celebration was to educate the students, faculty and staff members about the benefits of using high quality FOSS in education, at home, business, and everywhere. The Event was inaugurated on 12th September by the Vice Chancellor of the University, Sanjeev Jain. He highlighted about the importance of using free and open source solutions and stressed on to cut down costs and increase security and privacy. The Dean Faculty of Engineering conveyed the importance of different applications available online and their usage in industry. The Convener of the function Ajay Koul emphasized on awareness and easy migration of various applications from closed source to open one. The event proceeded with a hangout session from Ed Cable, Director, Mifos Initiative, a US based micro financing organization. Ed told students about Mifos, why open source is important, its pros and cons and ended the session by answering their questions. He motivated everyone to be an open source contributor. The first workshop was FOSS which emphasized on the various options available to us in open source and how important it is to every one of us in our day to day lives, Web technologies workshop highlighted upon the basics on how to make a website and web applications using open source software’s. Python workshop made the students aware about the fact that every IT company is moving to the world of open source and using Python as one of their language for software development. Internet Security workshop showed the meaning of ethical hacking and also about how the students can contribute to make the network more secure using the open source applications. Linux workshop attracted the students as they witnessed there are various operating systems other than Windows and it is very easy and interesting to work on them. The GitHub workshop helped the students to understand how they can work on their projects and deal with the open source community. The competitions named Web Maker, GitPy, and Presentation competition were conducted. Around 150 open source enthusiasts participated in the workshops. The other hangout
sessions were conducted by Christopher Clark, CEO, ChrisDev who shared his knowledge about Python and about how his organization works & Gulliame Catelli, an entrepreneur.
He shared the episodes which led him to be an open source contributor.

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