Some questions to CUJ administration on Imposing Bus fare in Mid-session

To hide their incompetency, CUJ admin passes blame our union government. A mass protest erupted in central university of Jammu Campus on Tuesday against the arbitrary imposition of bus fare of Rs. 1000 per month which was earlier charged 1000 annually during admission fee.

That means there is a ten times steep hike of bus fee which will be incurred from pockets of students. This fare was already charged during the time of admission.

Yes, it is the same university for which students of Jammu had organized massive agitation and faced hardships for its establishment and today even the students have been forced to pay for transportation charges as the university campus is established nearly 30kms away from Jammu city.

The CUJ already has the highest fee structure in almost in all courses, in comparison to all the universities in Jammu and Kashmir. E.g. the average admission fee across various Phd Courses offered, in CUJ is 40,000 whereas other universities in the state as well as other centrally universities ( like CU Punjab and Himachal, JNU, DU,PU) charges four times less admission fee.

The major argument given by the university administration, for exorbitant bus fare, is that the MHRD is nor providing funds for the transportation facility.

The VC and Dean Students Welfare while pacifying students claimed that they took-up matter with MHRD several times but the MHRD did not provide Funds. If we seriously analyzed the argument given by CUJ administration it seems that those argument is completely flawed and far from truth.

It also appears that they are constructing a fake reality t hide their own failures to convince MHRD for the basic demands of students at CUJ. Let be Analyse it in few the light of few facts.
The Modi led Union Government approved separate AIIMS, an IIT, an IIM for Jammu in his five years tenure and the costs of these projects runs in several thousand crores.

Second, the same government had also announced s development package of Rs. 80,000 crore.

Thirdly, the union government provide over 100 crore for construction of double lane road from national highway to CUJ. Fourth, it has recently approved space science centre to CUJ whose cost will be probably runs in hundred crores.

Fifth, the union consider the state of Jammu and Kashmir a special category state and therefore most of the financial assistance on various projects in on pattern of 90:10 i.e. the union government will provide 90% of funds where as the state shall only bears the remaining 10% cost.

Sixth point is that, Not only this, Union also provided 5 years age relaxation to the youth of state in various center jobs.

The cluster universities are recently opened in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh Under Rashtriya Uchattar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA), which is again a centrally sponsored initiative. Also governor led state government has recently announced opening of 40 new collages, that can’t be opened without help of central financial assistance.

Moreover the government in the state has recently prepared a drift bill on fundamental right to Education will be free and compulsory education from age group of 3 – 18 years in state.

There are also numerous centrally sponsored schemes for youths like UdAAN, Umeed, etc. including special industrial development packages for which large portion of funds are provided by the central government.
Moreover the state of Jammu and Kashmir is a conflict torn state, including its disturbed status, the union as well as the government of the state always priorities education to be easily available to keep youths aware and away from violence.
Therefore when all these financial assistances and other packages are coming from the Union government, which are over thousand of crores, administration stands that MHRD is providing funds?

Keeping all the above facts under consideration it is a n ample clear that there is no dearth of funds from central government side to the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

But it is the incompetency and incapacity of CUJ administration in presenting the Case of transport facility and convince the MHRD for sanction of merge amount which is merely 1.5 crore per annum. It is however not clear that why the university administration is dumping blame and unnecessarily portraying the union government as anti- student by imposing transportation fee in the middle of session?

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