Sona Mohapatra slams ‘sexist’ IIT Bombay for humiliating caveat

Mumbai, December 17
Singer Sona Mohapatra is not one to mince words. The Bollywood singer has accused Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay’s annual festival Mood-Indigo of being sexist. In her open letter on Facebook, Sona has claimed the festival organisers have asked, for past three years, to get a ‘man’ along with her to perform at the festival. She slammed Mood Indigo and pointed out at a larger trend of ‘big music festivals’ that follow similar trend of not having solo women performers as headliners. She wrote, “Dear Mood Indigo, IIT Bombay! You claim that you are Asia’s ‘biggest’ cultural fiesta & take pride in being a premier institute of highest learning in the world too. I LAUGH at that claim & call you out straight up on this date for actually being a cess-pool of mediocrity instead.” “All the mathematical equations in the world will not be able to teach you the equation of fairness. All the ‘balancing’ of equations count for nothing if you do not seek a balanced world. All the formulae in the world will not teach you the idea of making a true difference in the world & all the sponsorship, hype, marketing & branding of the world will not cover up the fact that you are a training ground for the worst kind of ‘boys clubs’ that create an imbalance in the world,” she added. She further wrote, “What cultural festival has for decades showcased only men headliners on their stage, be it music, literature, politics, comedy or ANY other domain????? Yours- Mood I. ‘Most’ college campuses in India, esp the premiere institutes of course follow suit & ‘copy-paste’ this disgusting blueprint of yours. Don’t believe me? Please do check out the archives of the line ups you have showcased year after year & start by scrolling down your own current FB festival page today.

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