Soon, parents may be punished if minor children caught driving

As incidents of minors involved in road accidents are rising, the government is contemplating bringing a proposal, which would ensure punishment for parents of the children who are caught driving.


The Centre is deliberating on making changes in the Motor Vehicles Act so that an action can be taken as per law against the parents, who allow their minor children to drive vehicles.

According to a report , the Act would be amended in a way that if a juvenile is caught driving, it shall be assumed that the parents knowingly allowed him/her to drive. This would allow the officials to take action against parents.

The law would be formulated in consideration with the states.

Earlier this month, a Class 12 student was allegedly driving at a speed of 80 kmph when his Mercedes car hit a 32-year-old near Ludlow Castle School in north Delhiā€™s Civil Lines area.

India loses USD 35 billion each year in road accidents, which is slightly less than the nation’s defence budget, a road safety expert had recently said.

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