Split Pakistan into 10 parts

The statement of Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh during his address in J&K wherein he said, Pakistan would split into 10 parts if it did not mend its ways while referring to the neighbouring country’s persistent support to cross-border terrorism and ceasefire violations along the International Border and the Line of Control is really appreciable.
Already Pakistan has creating several attempts to divide the integration of the India and create violent atmosphere in India especially in J&K and tried to make “conspiring” to divide India on religious lines even as he made it clear that the neighbouring country would not succeed in its designs.
However, central government has warned the neighbouring country that if it would not stop sponsoring anti-India policy and not stop promoting militants and ceasefire violations then Pakistan will split into 10 parts. This type of policy is good, if central government have to show its tuff side to Pakistan otherwise it would take India lightly. Already several times, India offered cooperation to Pakistan to weed out the menace of terrorism from its soil if it was serious but incapable of doing so itself but Pakistan always denied its offer.
Pakistan is conspiring to divide India on religious and communal lines but it will not succeed (in its nefarious designs).India was divided in 1947 on religious basis but it won’t happen now. We have not forgotten that. We Indians – be it a Hindu or a Muslim – are brothers. Except India, nowhere in the world, 72 sects of Islam live together in harmony. The India was the only country where the ISIS had so far failed to spread its roots and gave the credit for it to Muslims living in the country.
Pakistan had got divided into two parts (referring to the creation of Bangladesh) but it refused to mend its ways and it could break into 10 parts. Launching a scathing attack on Pakistan for waging a proxy war through terrorism, Rajnath said Pakistan had tasted four defeats. “Pakistan has not been able to understand that terrorism is not a weapon of the brave people but of cowards”.
Earlier, former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the Union Home Minister said, “We can change friends but not neighbours” and reiterated the NDA government’s resolve to have better and peaceful relations with all neighbouring countries. Indian Home Minister also make it clear that we are committed to having good relations with neighbouring countries. We want to move ahead on the path of development and also see our neighbours grow,” he said while adding that there would no compromise on terrorism.

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