Srinagar turning out ‘city of vendors’

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Srinagar, December 22
Kashmir capital Srinagar has been turning out the ‘city of vendors’ as every nook and cranny has been occupied by the vendors with the open support from police and Srinagar Municipal Corporation officials. The foot-path from Polo View to TRC area of the city, where vendors were allowed to do the business only on Sunday’s has now permanently been occupied by the slop-sellers. “This was the only foot-path that was not occupied by vendors during working day’s and now for the first time people have been witnessing traffic congestion and jams on this wide road.” Almost all the footpaths along major thoroughfares in the city have been grabbed by hawkers causing immense sufferings to pedestrians and creating crippling traffic congestions every day. The grabbers can’t care less about the trouble that they are creating for pedestrians by occupying footpaths and causing thousands of lost hours of the commuters in intractable traffic jams on the city streets.
Many pedestrians expressed frustration over the sufferings and blamed the law enforcers for their indifference to the situation. Pedestrians said the hawkers and vendors run a range of businesses on footpaths, blocking pedestrian movement. Sources told CNS that government has been giving a ‘field day’ to vendors, the reason better known to authorities. “Many vendors could be seen selling their goods in the middle of the road. The alleged silence and inaction on part of the police and SMC officials have encouraged these vendors,” said a journalist. “Whenever I open up my shop, I find a vendor occupying my shop-front. Despite repeated requests, he doesn’t leave the place,” said a helpless trader adding that earlier these vendors use to vacate the occupying place with the approach of police but now they are unmoved. Ironically, the vendors at Batamaloo has occupied the one way completely.
D C Srinagar who hold the additional charge of Commissioner Srinagar Municipal Corporation was not available for the comments.

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