SRK’s Fan leading lady Waluscha de Souza reveals her fashion secrets

March 21: What does style mean to you?

 In my opinion, style is an expression of who you are and how you feel. Most elements of my personal style are in the classic space. However, I do find myself adding a different vibe to it on the basis of how I feel on a particular day. I truly believe that your style is an extension of your personality.

What is your go-to red-carpet look?

I’m not someone who has very loud red-carpet choices. I stick to clean cuts, straight lines and solid colours; and that’s not unusual for a lover of all things “classic”.

What’s the biggest fashion faux pas according to you?

To be seen wearing something you are uncomfortable in. The faux pas shows in your eyes and your body language. It is never a good idea.

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What’s your comfort clothing?

I live in my jeans…

What are your five wardrobe must-haves?

A pair of fitted blue jeans, a little black dress, a great pair of stilettos, a smart jacket, and a crisp white shirt.


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