SS&DF holds protest, demands appropriate facilities for Yatries

The workers of Shiv Sena & Dogra Front (SS&DF) under the leadership of President Ashok Gupta took out a procession in Jammu city for providing equal facilities to the Amarnath Yatries on the grounds of the Hajj yatries. The party president stated that the toll tax and the entry tax for the Amarnath Yatries should be exempted by the state government in the shape of subsidy to the Yatries and appeal to all the MLA’S and the MP’S to promote the act of providing subsidy to the Yatries.
He further stated that for the first time there is a BJP -PDP government in the state so a collective efforts must be made by the MLA’S and MP’S to achieve subsidy for the yatries of the Amarnath pilgrims. While addressing the gathering, Gupta stated that in a telegram to the Governor a large number of the pilgrims lost there lives because of lesser amenities, so this time appropriate medical arrangements should be made like abundant oxygen cylinders, normal air pressure rooms on interval of every 10 kms so a that this time there should be no causality and Yatra can be a complete success for which the pilgrims travel from all over the world. He further stated that medical air service should be provided in case of emergency and a special squad of policemen should be formed which will keep an eye on the overcharging to the yatries by Pony walas, Taxis and other services as they can take a swift action against these petty actions which makes the Yatra for the pilgrims a difficult situation.

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