State Govt ignored us completely, alleges martyr’s family

Chenab valley youth have a passion to serve in the Indian Army and it is evident from the fact that the area has a large number of ex-servicemen hailing from erstwhile Doda district .The hilly region has also produced a number of brave soldiers and many of them had sacrificed their lives while fighting different wars and operations for the country to safeguard its territorial sanctity. The Centre and state governments had initiated a number of welfare schemes for the welfare of war widows and their families besides extending pension benefits. As most of the war widows had little education, they had to face many hardships after the martyrdom attained by their husbands. Though the war widows are getting pension benefits and other facilities but they feel that these are not sufficient under the present circumstances.A sense of pride overpowers the grief of family of Late Naib Subedar Chuni Lal who lost their loved one in the war against terrorism in Kupwara area of Jammu and Kashmir nine years ago. As the nation remembers these heroes who died in the line of duty every year , these families have learnt to live with their memories. Holding their heads high in the knowledge that their men made the supreme sacrifice for the country, they are still prepared to send their other male relatives to the defense services. Chinta Devi wife of Late Chuni Lal Veer Chakra, Ashoka Chakra, Sena Meda said this media person that she has urged the state administration of Jammu and Kashmir many times to help her but her efforts have proved futile as none came forward to the rescue of war widow as still their residence is with out road connectivity and promised made by central government about petrol pump not fulfilled. She intends to construct a park in memory of her martyr husband in native village Kellar of Bhaderwah but is unable to fulfill her wish due least interest by Rural Development Department and she herself started construction of park some year back in the village in memory of her martyr husband but failed to complete it due to no availability of funds .She also alleged local leaders and representatives for ignoring her and family but praise Indian Army for helping her family on all fronts . Though she has been getting facilities extended to martyer widows but her regret is that she could not avail the offer of establishing a petrol pump that the government had offered to her primarily due to her poor financial condition. “Martyr families should be accorded honour to motivate future generations besides instilling a sense of patriotism in them to serve the country passionately, adds Chinta Devi.”None of the leaders has ever bothered to inquire about my welfare during past 9 years after my husband attained martyrdom, she adds. Expressing his concern over the attitude of State Government towards the martyrs family Shanker Das father of Late Chuni Lal said that no Minister including the concerned MLA /MLC bothered to visit the family and see its plight during last nine years .He said all Governments of state totally ignored the family whose one member laid down his life for national unity and integrity. He also informed that he had given at least four representations to state government to either name school building or village road but there was no response so far.

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