State hood is the ultimate remedy for all ills afflicting Jammu region: Harsh

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Jammu Tawi, April 11
Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party (JKNPP), Chairman and Former Minister, Harsh Dev Singh observed that Re-organization of the state with statehood for Jammu was the only panacea for various ills afflicting the region.
While addressing the gathering, Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party (JKNPP), Chairman and Former Minister, Harsh Dev Singh said that history bore testimony to the fact that Jammu region had all along remained neglected in various spheres including employment, development.
Pointing towards the glaring instances of Jammu’s neglect and deprivation Singh reminisced that civil society had to agitate for months together to get back the prestigious AIIMS project which was shifted to Kashmir despite its original sanction for Jammu.
He said that prior to that the people of Jammu had to take to agitation course for establishment of central University at Jammu and with the governance in the state having been virtually hijacked by anti-nationals and separatists, it was impossible for Jammu region to grow and flourish in the present set up.
Singh added that out of 34 selected candidates in history, 9 belonged to Jammu region, 7 candidates out of 26 in physics, 9 in psychology out of 27, 13 out of 58 in commerce and likewise in other subjects.
He further unveiled the highly biased selections in economics and statistics directorate, wherein out of 26 candidates selected for Junior Statistical Assistants only 1 belonged to Jammu region. He said that despite huge public cry against such injustice the mandated leaders of Jammu failed to respond or react.
Appealing the youth and students to strengthen JKNPP, the lone political voice of Jammu region, for the honor and Justice to Dogra land, Singh said that the ultimate solution lay only in the creation of separate state for Jammu. He said that those opposing state hood for Jammu were only acting as agents of their Kashmiri Masters who had lost their authority in Kashmir and wanted Jammu’s perpetual subjugation so as to continue their black rule over the dogra land. Parshotam Parihar State Secretary Panthers Trade Union was also present during the press conference.

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