State of subjection, slavery, servitude not acceptable: Hari Om

BJP has disappointed nationalists in J&K State in general and Jammu province in particular and its Kashmir policy has only promoted communalism and separatism in the Valley and endangered minorities in the state, said Jammu for India (JFI) convenor Prof Hari Om on Sunday. He was commenting on the massive victory of the BJP in the 2014 general elections and its adverse impact on the sensitive border state of J&K.
“The massive victory of BJP on May 16, 2014 was taken by nationalists across the nation, including J&K, to mean the beginning of a new era full of hope and promise for the future. It was also taken to mean the end of fake secularism and reversal of policies which the Congress and similar other outfits devised and implemented ruthlessly to weaken nationalists in J&K and accord dangerous legitimacy to politics of separatism and communalism being indulged in by Kashmiri leaders,” he said, and added that what BJP Government at the Centre did to J&K dashed to the ground all the high hopes of nationalists. The immediate fall-out of New Delhi’s policy is that J&K is slowly but surely going out of India and minorities in the state, particularly Hindu, Sikh and Buddhists, are feeling unsafe, insecure and threatened, said Prof Hari Om. He added that an extreme sense of insecurity has gripped all nationalists in the state.
“Nationalists in the state had hoped that the BJP government at the Centre will pursue a pro-active policy towards Pakistan and Kashmiri separatists and bring J&K closer to India then ever before by abrogating divisive, communal and pro-separatist Article 370 and Article 35-A of the Indian Constitution, but what it did was just to the contrary,” said JFI convenor. He added that instead of repealing these atrocious Articles, the BJP perpetuated the hold of separatists on the state by enforcing PDP-BJP agenda of alliance, which was, in fact, the carbon-copy of the PDP’s election manifesto, also called “Aspirational Agenda”. Prof Hari Om urged nationalists in J&K to call the bluff of BJP and other outfits like Congress and said the real danger to them and their region is not from Kashmiri leaders but from parties like BJP and Congress whose mind-set is the same. It is time for them to assert and provide a credible alternative that is capable of leading J&K and nation aright, he said.

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