Stay away from politics: Govt cautions Kanhaiya Kumar after he takes a dig at PM Modi

March 4: In an apparent attack at the Left Parties, Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu on Friday advised JNU students’ union president Kanhaiya Kumar to help the concerned authorities to see that activities similar to the February 9 event are curbed in the university rather than enjoying the publicity.

“He is enjoying the publicity. What is there? The question is let him condemn those slogans and distance himself from that. Let him help the authorities to see that such activities are curbed in the university,” Naidu said.

“They must study and stay away from politics. If they are interested in politics, they can leave studies and join politics. He can join any political party. His favorite party is now in single digit in the Parliament. Let him join that party. Let him not use the grab of students and students union to take up the cause of Afzal guru, Yakub Memon and Maqbool Bhatt. All these three people are anti-nationals,” he added.

Kanhaiya, who was released last evening after being granted a six-month interim bail by the Delhi High Court, led a scathing attack on the BJP-led NDA regime at the Centre.

“I have many differences with the PM but I agree with his tweet Satyameva Jayate because these words are in our Constitution,” he said, as his passionate speech was punctuated by repeated cheers and raising of slogans.

“We are not seeking ‘azaadi'(freedom) from India. We want ‘azaadi’ within India,” he said.

During the course of his one hour, six minute-long speech, Kanhaiya also referred to Modi’s narration of an anecdote related to President Nikita Krushchev of erstwhile Soviet Union in the Lok Sabha.

“When he (Modi) was speaking I wanted to tell him to talk about Hitler as well. He should speak about Mussolini as well after all his guru Golwalker (second RSS chief) had met the former… PM talks about Mann ki baat but does not listen,” he said to loud cheers.

“If you speak against the government, their cyber cell will frame you using doctored videos and count the number of condoms in your hostel,” he said.

The 28-year-old said that he saluted the soldiers guarding the country.

“But the soldiers, who die at the border are the sons and brothers of those who die within the country,” he said, while referring to the farmer suicides.

Kanhaiya further said the crackdown on JNU was planned because the university students spoke out against the death of Hyderabad University research scholar Rohith Vemula.

“This attack is to de-legitimise the UGC protest and to prevent justice to Rohith Vemula. The fight which was initiated by Rohith Vemula, all of you and peace-loving people in the country, will be pursued by us and we’ll win this battle,” he said.

“I would like to thank everyone at the JNU. All the people , whether media, political people, non civil society , who stood for saving JNU and those who want justice for Rohith Vemula, I want to salute them,” he added.

In a sarcastic tone, he said, “I want to thank the people sitting in Parliament deciding wrong and right, the police and those few media channels.”

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