Stone pelting adopted as a mean to cover the terror campaign in Kashmir: PK

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Jammu Tawi, April 18
The recent incidence of violence and stone pelting in Kashmir has created a difficult situation for the government, said Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, President, Panun Kashmir (PK) while addressing the press conference at Jammu.
While addressing the press conference, Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, President, Panun Kashmir said that the stone pelting though has been adopted as a means to cover the terror campaign in Kashmir at present, yet it was a part of the Muslim politics in Kashmir since 1931, he added. The stone pelting has been a part of the political culture of Kashmir for the last one hundred years. The minority community of the Pandits used to be the first target of the stone pelting culture initially, and then this practice was used to settle scores with political rivals in Kashmir, he added.
Virender Raina, National Spokesperson, Panun Kashmir said that in the political parlance, Kashmir politicians have tried to be fool the vast political class and the general public of the Indian nation by propagating the facade of Kashmiriat all along. The government of India needs to take a tough stand to instill confidence in the nationalist forces in the state and pave way for some tough political decisions. Creation of Homeland for Hindus and other minorities of Kashmir in the valley is one of those tough decisions. For the government and the nation, time cannot be allowed to slip away to the detriment of the national interests, he added.
Senior Leader, Panun Kashmir, Utpal Kaul, said that there are major challenges that have engulfed the state which include the presence of Rohangyas and Bangladeshi illegal immigrants in Jammu. The people of these areas and communities are committed to the values of the Indian nationhood and fully support the actions of our valiant security forces in crushing the Jehadi terror in Kashmir. The press conference was addressed by Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, President, Panun Kashmir, Virender Raina, National Spokesperson-PK and Utpal Kaul, Sr. leader, Panun Kashmir, based in Delhi.

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