Stop using Jammu people as soft target for vote banks: Sham Lal Sharma

‘Amit Shah’s statement irresponsible, disappointing, confusing’

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Jammu Tawi, May 1
Senior vice president Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (J&K PCC) and former minister, Sham Lal Sharma today expressed his surprise and anguish on the statement of BJP national president Amit Shah wherein he said that whether there is development or no development, the people of Jammu will certainly vote for BJP as we are the saviours of the state.
Sham said that Amit Shah has no right to take Jammuites for granted. He said that people of Jammu are very sensitive and gauge the performance of the ruling party which ever it may be. He warned that Jammu people should neither be befooled nor taken for guaranteed. They have always voted to the party which addressed their problems as well undertaken development of there areas.
Sharma lashed out on Shah’s statement said that Amit Shah disappointed the people of Jammu and he is actually saying to Jammu Hindus that you are a hapless hostage and you are at mercy of BJP and BJP has every right on your vote and you have to dance on the tune of BJP.
He said that this statement of Shah has disappointed the Jammu people and in no case people of Jammu should be taken for guaranteed in any sphere.
Sham further said that BJP has no concern with the development of the Jammu and they have considered the people of Jammu as a voting machine of their party.
Sharma said that while forming the government, an Agenda of Alliance was framed for governing of the state and in the said Agenda, the Art 370 was kept at back burner.
But on the issue of Art 370 Amit Shah said “We shouldn’t carry forward the menu Friday to Monday” which means that there should be no discussion on Art 370.As the same has already been touched upon in Agenda of Alliance.
Sham Lal said that the prevailing law and order situation in the state have become bad to worst and has become out of control of the PDP BJP government. Both the parties have lust for power and don’t want to give up the power because of their personal gains. Sham urged both the parties to iron out there differences and take initiative to take out the state from the present turmoil. He said that there is no government visible in the state.

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