Story Of 2 Brothers Who Have Set an Example Of True Brotherhood

JAN 11: 2 brothers – Ajay and Ranjeet resident of Kalka Colony Bagh-e-Bahu had made everyone cry with their story. Both the brothers were orphans since childhood. They are physically challenged and beg for their livelihood. From his birth, Ranjeet can’t walk and sits on a small cart pulled by Ajay who also doesn’t have one arm. Despite their situation, their determination to beg is really strong.

“Earlier I used to work in a tent house but I went to Punjab to work with a mason who pushed me out from a running train at Ambala Cant where I lost my arm in 2018. At that time my elder son was 3-month-old so I didn’t inform my wife about the incident and went to PGI Chandigarh for the treatment. After 1 month I came to Jammu and my sister and brother-in-law took me to GMC for better treatment but after 3-4 months, my brother-in-law threw me out of his house without any reason and then my uncle advised me to start begging for livelihood. Except for our area, we visit every area to beg. Whatever I earn I give it to my wife who runs the house. Some kind people who run a hotel in Katra has provided us with a room with all facilities and that too without rent. They have also assured us that soon they will start our handicap pension”, Ajay said.